Vishnupriya V.G. 1537266- ELT

Dumas, William Wayne. (1967) Critical Factors in Teaching English. The Journal of Experimental Education, 35(3), 80-84.

 William Wayne Dumas conducted an evaluated study designed to access the competencies of student teachers in English in response to the growing number of criticisms aimed at teachers of English. As a part of this study, an effort was made to determine the competencies or traits in which the teachers exhibited strength or weakness and by doing so it was also essential to find out which traits are critical and which are not in teaching English.

Twenty one prospective English teachers who did their student training at the University of Arkansas were selected to conduct this study over a period of six weeks during which they were observed and rated by each of three types of raters: a) the university of Arkansas supervisor in English b) the public school cooperating teachers c) an experienced high school English teacher who served as a non-supervisory observer. According to the study conducted, a) knowledge b) cooperativeness c) empathy d) control e) voice f) poise and g) pupil participation were the seven factors that were the best judgement available as to the underlying dimensions of the item ratings.

The final step in the investigation was to determine the critical traits in teaching English. The multiple- linear regression equation as developed through Wherry- Doolittle Test Selection method was used as the tool for this. Based on the findings of the investigation, certain conclusions were drawn: a) most of the item ratings were positively correlated with global ratings of success in teaching in English except distribution of pupil participation which appeared to have an unrelated or negatively related. b) There was little agreement among the three types of raters as to the most critical and least critical traits in teaching English on the basis of one to one correlations. c)there appeared to be a considerable agreement as to the inclusion of knowledge factor and control factor in a combination of most of the critical factors in teaching English.



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