Aishwarya Falke (1537226): The Truth About Language in India

Khare; Santosh Kumar “Truth About Language in India” Economic and Political Weekly

Vol 37, No 50 (Dec 14-20, 2002) pp.4993-4994;

In this particular Santosh Khare talks about the changing trends of languages over the years and it’s usage as he describes language for the “distribution of power and wealth, particularly in an under-literate society. It also acts as emotional and cultural cement for the social compact.” (4993).

Later he describes the role of Sanskrit language during the prehistoric times. It was a language of the Elitist people and no wonder all the plays were written in Sanskrit. On the contrary he says that Pali was considered  the language of the lower class and also women. “In northern India the process produced the patois of Amir Khusro and a highly polyglot lingua franca. Called Hindavi or Urdu.” (In the due process of time languages got evolved as Persian, Hindi and Urdu. (4993)

He also tells about the languages getting it significance and Urdu and Hindi emerging as the mother languages. “Hindi was the mother tongue of a minority of India’s population concentrated in northern India Post colonization” (4994)  Hindi became the opposing factor to English and english writings of the colonizers.

So all in all there was a hierarchy established due to the speakers of these languages. In today’s world it is important to know English to survive in every field and is therefore the language of the elite and the rich minorities. Times have changed over the century but hierarchy of languages prevails raising the question that “whether English speaking elites are enlightened enough to recognize the language impasse and lead a way out of it” (4994) in near future.


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