Introducing Film Studies and Metaphor and Film

Lewis, Jon. “Introducing Film Studies.” Cinema Journal 50.3 (2011): 93-95. Web.

This article by Jon Lewis details the author’s personal experience in film studies, specifically in teaching film studies. The author teaches Film studies at the Oregon State University.

He details as to how the discipline of film studies was mismanaged and how he started the course himself. He talks about how film studies are not just about making students see films that they should, but also how students should be able to place the said films in their industrial, cultural and historical context.

Whittock, Trevor. “Introduction.” Metaphor and Film. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2009. 1-4. Print.

The author of this book introduces the topic of metaphors in films. He talks about how metaphors are present in films and how there is even considerable hostility from two quarters to this view. The first one from literary critics who believe that metaphors are exclusive to the words only and the second view is held by certain film theoreticians who say that such ideas arise out of misunderstanding the true nature of the film medium.

While the author does say that these views should not be dismissed lightly, he does talk about how film semiology is largely unexplored and that it is a challenge and adds that he would be discussing specific films and how one can see the metaphors and codes in them.




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