Nikhith: Micheal Jackson as a cultural phenomenon

Cambridge Companion on gospel and blues music.178.Cambridge university press.2002.Print

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on July 29th 1958 is considered as an important element in today’s popular American music. As an artist who started off with what we call ‘black music’ which then had taken shape to form early disco and pop music had borrowed various styles and forms from American music such as instrumentation, costuming and a manner of delivering a particular song. What the black community in large wanted to obtain was perhaps be or imitate the whites in the closest manner possible that’s why many a white musicians were imitated by the blacks itself such as Frank Sinatra’s song “cry me to the moon” was later imitated by the Jackson’s in later years. What Michael Jackson did was to imitate and perfect the white American’s to an extent where he would define such a style as his own and had achieved to do so.

Michael Jackson the most famous of Gordy’s Protégé’s came to symbolize the combination of white and black, pop and soul elements and was perhaps a product of Gordy’s attitude. Jackson “The King Of Pop”, left Mowtown records for Epic records in 1976 and with his surgically created white features superimposed on gospel and blues elements created a massive crossover appeal highlighted his dancing style and videos adorned by his marriage and divorce to Elvis Presely’s daughter and his purchase of the Lenon-Mc cartney songbook..



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