Obiya Jolly_Gender Studies

Writing the Body : Toward and Understanding of “L’Ecriture Feminine”

Jones, Ann Rosalind. “Writing the Body: Toward an Understanding of “L’Ecriture Feminine”” Feminist Studies.Inc 7.2 (1981): 247-63. Web. 07 June 2016.

Ann Rosalind Jones explores L’Ecriture Feminine through the perspectives of Luce Irigaray, Helene Cixous and Julia Kristeva. L’Ecriture Feminine (Writing the Body) considers the female body as the source and topic of female writing, which thus creates a counter discourse to the unequal power relations in a phallogocentric world. Jones observes why this idea is problematic.
As Psychoanalysts observe, sexuality is not an innate quality, but a learnt behaviour from the individual’s encounters with the symbolic systems of one’s culture. new discourse”(258).
In conlusion, Jones observes that there is no universal version of L’Ecriture Feminine. Women writing should be examined for their liberatory potentials within the contexts from where they are produced.

Relevance to the proposed research: The exploratory article dismantles the universalising notion of L’Ecriture Feminine. This offers the key to critically analyze the theoretical framework that I propose to be employed in my research. The proposed research need to be contextually sensitive and be open to differeing experiences of female body and sexuality for the primary texts that I intend to choose.


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