Shinu Sabu: Gender Studies- Law and Gender Inequality: The Politics of Women’s Right in India; Agnes Flavia.Print.

The issue of women’s right and family law reform has been increasingly confused within the arguments of identity politics and minority rights. The reality of world was a world of male intellectualism and elite hegemony. Flavia attempts to map the issue of gender and law reform upon a canvas of history and politics, and explore stratergies which could safeguard women’s right within a sphere of complex social and political boundaries. She quoted few lines from religious texts describing that women is not entitled to freedom. It is mainly about the law which husband had to follow. For example, the Islam introduced the revolutionary concept of marriage and provided wife with a unique right. The Muslim law protects female heirs by restricting the male power of testa sphere of selective knowledge. This kind of political agenda can then be conveniently fawned under an avowed concerned for the protection of Muslim women’s  right. The ideal woman who was the wife of the elite Indian man who were  left out as laborers and tribes. The concept of ideal Indian women laid there foundation in Dharmashstras-the laws of the Manu.


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