Shivangi Bhardwaj – Abiding Values in Indian Literature

Bhyrappa, S.L. “Abiding Values in Indian Literature.” Indian Literature 43.2 (190) (1999): 180-85. Web.

The article ‘Abiding Values in Indian Literature’ by S L Bhyrappa talks about how Indian literature has changed over time and this change has made it more than the art form it was considered before the western influence. The author reflects on how art is more than just the rasa and bhava it was and has now become a political and socio-cultural act. The article reflects on how western ideologies and theories have taken over Indian literature pushing aside the history of the literature. The forms and ideas of the west have molded the way authors and their works are looked at. The authors are expected to have a leaning towards an ideology and thus their work is made a propaganda despite their individual beliefs. Bhyrappa talks about a spiritual and a neutral voice in Indian literature that exists in literature, but something that has been hidden behind the west imposed ideologies. he propagates an idea of going back to the roots to rasa which facilitates a sense of detachment, art for its own sake. Every writer and his/her writing is thus under scrutiny and related to something more than just its artistic form, but her clearly states that every writing and writer is thus more than movements and fatwas.


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