Sujay-Indian culture and Literature-1537211

Research Area: Indian culture and lliterature

Name of the Article: Genealogies of Indian Literature

Author Name: P P Raveendran

Source: Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 41 No. 25 (Jun. 24-29, 2006), pp. 2558 – 2563.

Annotated analysis of Genealogies of Indian Literature.

The article “Geneologies of indian literature” was written in 2006, by P P Raveendran. This article was written when the question of who or what is Indian became predominant in the intellectual circle. As a result of this the term Indian literature also became more difficult to understanding. It is because in South-Asian subcontinent, there exists diversified cultures which determine its existence, in the world. Hence it becomes a matter of contention to decide, what is Indian and Indian Literature. As all literatures of the world are reflection of their respective culture and civilization, Indian literature also determined by its socio-economic, political, and religious domains, which localises its literatures. However, the proper thrust for Indian literature and philosophy began from the dawn of 19th century, which gave birth to the new field of enqury called Indian literature. It is agreed that the literature is the output of the society and its contemporary literary circles. Since India is a diversified country with different cultures it had produced huge accounts of literature in various languages, predominantly Sanskrit. The holy texts of Sanskrit were translated into many Indian languages, according to their literary cultures. Many European indologists like Micheal Hardt, Antinio Negri etc have tried to understand the culture and literature of south Asian subcontinent. However further article is not annotated now, because of the time constrains and will be continued.




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