Tipston – Search for the Roots of Indian Diasporic Writing

Chakraborty, Sutirtha. “Search for the Roots of Indian Diasporic Writing”, International
Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities. 3.4(2015). Web. 9 June 2016.

The article looks into the roots of migration of Indians to foreign nations due to various “pull in and pull out factors” as “indentured workers”(2) and free passage travellers looking for a better future in the twentieth century. Hence the author also asserts that most of the late 20th century literature is that of exile and migration due to political upheavals and colonisation(4). Also the reason behind considering the diaspora as endangered is explained saying that in spite of being a voluntary shift, there lies a tension in the pathway of cross cultures and chances of problems regarding acceptance between the source and target cultures exist. The author also cites examples from Indian diasporic writers like Rushdie and Naipaul where their anxiety about having a identity crisis is explained.
Citing Pasanjape, the article addresses the diaspora as “Global Citizens”(11), who can combine the values of the native nation and the target nation to form a hybrid identity which is also cited from Dingwaney’s “An Illustrated History of Indian Literature, about the cross cultural influence.


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