Yohaan P. Sharma -What Pokemon Can Teach Us about Learning and Literacy

Vasquez, Vivian. “What Pokemon Can Teach Us about Learning and Literacy.” Language Arts Vol. 81 No. 2 (2003): 118-25. JSTOR. Web. 7 June 2016.
This article looks at the way in which a child, Curtis, envelopes himself in the Pokemon franchise. Vasquez, through studying her nephew and his life around Pokemon, highlights the way in which Curtis engages in pleasurable and powerful literacies.
To Vasquez, the term “Literacies” denotes all skills and strategies used by a learner including the learner’s faculties of reading, writing, drawing and other such skills that deal with the process of making meaning. She delves into this study to explore what engagement with popular culture texts could teach us about learning and literacy.
The next part of this section of the article dealt with Vasquez learning how to play the Trading Card Game from her nephew while paying attention to all the nuances, rules and strategies employed by one who partakes of this franchise in this form.
She uses the term “Pokediscourse” to describe the discourse she discovers when interacting with and participating in the discourse that lends itself to the Pokemon franchise: the trading cards in this study as a representation of the franchise.
Vasquez indicates that her nephew gave her the time to pick up on the speech used in the Pokediscourse so that she could make meaning within the realm of Pokemon.
This, she concludes in the first part of her article, allowed her to imagine the potential that lay within the paradigm of Pokemon in terms of learning and literacy development through the pleasurable engagement with this facet of popular culture.

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