Caroline: A Short Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Milton, Jane; Polmear, Caroline and Fabricius, Julia. A Short Introduction to Psychoanalysis. New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2004. 1-17. Print.


The book provides an introduction to psychoanalysis, written specifically for professionals who are looking for explanations with the help of examples referring to patients and the problems that they face. The book guides one through a therapy which is otherwise considered to be misinterpreted. It includes the recent developments in psychoanalysis and how it has progressed both in theory and practice.

In pages 1-17 the authors try and familiarize their readers to what is psychoanalysis exactly. Before they do this, they try to answer the question of who are the patients. In this section the book gives examples of patients and their situations and how psychoanalysis is of help to them. Most of these patients seemed to have difficulty in dealing with milestones in life and having to get out of a comfort level or a secure environment. The patients are aware of their condition and they themselves realize that they are n need of help.

Later paragraphs in the chapter discuses what psychoanalysis is. Psychoanalysis is therapy that concerns itself with the inner world of the patient, which is troubling or disturbing his or her outer or external developments. The chapter also talks about the environment set in during the sessions, its duration and also the whole psychoanalytic process.


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