yashasvi:Women in the age of Dollars and Indian Currency

The article focuses on the values and attitude of human in the modernized sophisticated era. All the nations look at India at the dressing attires and orthodox family structures. The modern world in India has created a passion for following Indian culture and tradition.

Sudha Murthy focuses on the importance of humanity, despite the domination of money in her two novels Mahasweta and Dollar Bahu. These novels make the readers to realize that money doesn’t get everything in life so certainly tries to bring the readers out of money madness and retain their human relations.

In India women are known for kitchen and sorrows but in the modern era Indian women set their roles on the challenging space – Male dominated society. “The success which women in the 21st century are making is not a simple achievement, but unfortunately there are women who are still considered as Dark Horses.”(Sai Mamata, 1)

Once a male child is born into a family everyone celebrates with joy and provides the child with special attention. In such case slowly the gender discrimination makes the male child to dominate the female ones by subordinating.

The modern writers are following the previous generation writers by awakening the writers in their writings to consider the major issues of the society in which they are surrounded with. The modernist writers have set a clear pathway to the up – coming generations to taste the sweetness among the families.


Sudha Murthy being the author for the research, the researcher has focused on the works such as Mahasweta and Dollar Bahu which are the well – known novels written by Sudha Murthy.  As the researcher is focusing on the different kind of people in a single society and how money means everything to mankind. She focuses on two main characters Anupama and Vinuta respectively. Both these characters are from a poor background that is not accepted into rich in – laws family due to their poverty. But in both the novel the protagonists show in different limelight as Anupama lives her life alone whereas Vinuta moves away from her in – laws and leads a happy life with her husband and child.

The author could have focused more on the dollar issues using certain theory so that the analysis could have been better than compared what has already been done. Suppose the author could have used either a Marxist or a postmodern analysis by placing the novel in any of the situation portrayed by the novelist. “The characters Anupama and Vinuta clearly show that family is made up of good human relations but not money.”

These two novels convey a message to those who think money is everything in the world and count even the love and affection in terms of dollar that happiness cannot be earned through dollars but can only be earned through the love care and respect to the fellow beings.

Women in the age of Dollars and Indian Currency – A Perspective into Sudha Murthy’s Dollar Bahu and Mahasweta; Sai Mamata; ELK Asian Pacific Journals; ISBN: 978-81-930411-1-6;Web.


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