Ganga: Gender and Household Economics. Reversed Realities.

Kabeer, Naila. “Benevolent Dictators, Maternal Altruists and Patriarchal Contracts: Gender and Household Economics”. Reversed Realities. Pauls Press. New Delhi. 1995. 95- 104. Print.

Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought

                                                                                                               Naila Kabeer

Main Argument: Gender Politics and Hierarchies those are prevalent within the vicinities of a household.

The author in this chapter of the book speaks of gender imbalances in the household by categorising them under various sub chapters such as Fallacies of Aggregation: Gender and Household Welfare, Gender and Income, Gender and Household Labour .This is a very elaborate way o explain the power structure in a household.

This chapter of the book would help in bringing a bird’s eye view of the gender- power structure scenario in the society. As one knows, society shapes the individual, and vice-versa. And it is the individual who shapes his child’s mind. This portion would feed in as an analysis on the Father as the Dictator and the Mother as the Maternal Altruist.

(To be continued …)


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