Kristine George – Hipster Food in Contemporary Culture: Brunch in different cultures

Ternikar, Farha. Brunch: A History. London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. Print.

Hipster food, for the uninitiated, is a rapidly growing component of the subculture that is hipster culture. Brunch is a popular example, as Ternikar points out in her book, breaking the conventions that breakfast and lunch follow to create a whole new meal. Detailing brunch traditions around the world, she explains that brunch thereby signifies the transition from the rigorous workday to the more relaxed weekend.
However, brunch is not really a novel idea: it goes back to the late nineteenth century, in fact. The only difference is that the presence of social media in popularising trends made “brunch”, as we know it, popular. While brunch was tradition in an earlier time, now it was seen as an attempt to break free from it and be a ‘rebel’. Though it has quite a reputation among foodies, hipster food has also faced backlash for trying too hard. Nowadays, it is often confused with removing all aspects of normalcy from fine dining, slapping a hefty pricetag on it and labelling it ‘hipster cuisine’. The researcher aims to distinguish between various norms and how they fit into this whole equation.


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