Obiya Jolly-1537245 [Reading the body/ Writing the body: Construction of the Female body in the works of Latin American Women Writers


Fitts, Alexandra. Reading the Body/ Writing the Body: Constructions of the Female Body in the     Work of Latin American Women Writers. Diss. Duke U, 1995. Ann Arbor: UMI    Microform, 1995. ProQuest. Web. 15 June 2016.


The proposed research attempts to examine body as a site of discourse in the poetry by African American women writers following the theoretical frameworks of Écriture féminine. This dissertation article is chosen to be included towards the secondary reading of the proposed research as the article provides an extensive theoretical understanding the framework that could be employed in the proposed research. Hence only the selected portion of the dissertation was read towards understanding the theoretical framework.

This dissertation by Alexandra Fitts analyses the construction of female body in selected Latin American women writers. The research presented dates back two more than two decades. Hence, the research findings and the researcher’s argument are not at the primary focus of this reading. From the selected reading of the article, the proposed research could draw an understanding of the ways to address the counter arguments and questions of applicability of Écriture féminine in contexts other than French. Since the proposed research attempts to read African American Women’s poetry under the light of Écriture féminine, this reading could be considered a future reference, if required, to incorporate the context specificities of employing a foreign theoretical framework to analyze a country’s literature.


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