Sankhipta(1537269): History of English Literature in Pre-Post Independent India

Shaik, Nasreen BHM Liyakatali. “History of Indian English Literature”, History of English Literature in Pre-Post Independence India: a critical evaluation. 2012. WEB.

Literatures all over the world, have developed on uneven lines depending upon the local environment. As a result Indian Literature also sees its emergence in the literary realm owing to the ancient times. Oral tradition was one of the earliest ways for Indian Literature to come into light which represents the artistic work of ancient times. Similarly, Indian religious systems are closely associated with Indian Literature but religion was not only the core factor for its emergence.

Indian Literary writing is a body in which many writers starting from Pre Independent India to Post Independent India have given the literary field a new stance. Before Macaulay’s Minutes were published, the use of English had already begun in India.

Indian Literature did have display of unique forms of ideological and aesthetical origins which helped Indian writing hold to its roots. Use of Indian names was induced without affecting the work.  Some of the limitations that were found in the development of the Literature were seen in the works of the first Indian writer of novel in English by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Rajmohan’s Wife (1864) and Toru Dutt’s Sentimental Bianca (1878) which did not have positive reaction. Therefore, the history of Indian Literature is the historical development of writings and historical techniques.


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