Vishnupriya V.G. -Theories of Language Learning

Chaudhary, Sreesh.  “Theories of Language Learning” . English Language Teaching in India. Ed. S. Kudchedkar. Chennai.  Orient Black Swan Private Limited.2005. 67-77. Print.

In this essay, Sreesh Chaudhary talks about the human ability to speak and understand a language. He quotes Chomsky and Skinner to differentiate how humans and different from other species and how language is important to humans. The ability of using a language may vary differently between people even though they possess the same amount of knowledge. He further differentiates thought from language.

He explains how it was found in a survey that children from working class families have a ‘restricted vocabulary’ whereas those from the middle and upper classes have an ‘elaborate vocabulary’.  My focus of research is how to enhance the vocabulary of children from ‘Srujana’ class where children are mainly from working class. He then talks about the reward and punishment system that exists in our society and how that can be used in terms of teaching language. Further research can provide insight into these topics.

( to be continued)


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