Garnet P T- “Jumpa Lahiri’s lowland a glimps of Naxalite movement”

Dhar,Gulab..”Jumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland a Glimps of Naxalite movement”.International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research,4.1(January 2016).pp(15-19)

The main argument of this article is that in the novel lowland the naxalite movement seem adrift in its larger swaths of time and space, diluted by waves of politics and history. The author tries to say that there are some what rote description of demonstrations, political meets and slogans on the walls, but not a single line of the naxal poetry or songs that flared through India at the time, in numerous languages, and that formed a far more defining aspect of the movement than the badly made bombs and dense theoretical tracts mentioned in the novel.

The limitation of this article is that it failed to give an analysis of the events mentioned from the novel in the article. Author focuses on summarizing the events in this article more than coming up with interpretation after deep analysis. Even though the author says that this is a postcolonial novel, he fails to assert the postcolonial elements in the no0vel. the author also mention in this article about the concept of socialism in this novel, but this idea of finding socialism didn’t extent anywhere other than the word ‘socialism’ which was used for the first time.


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