Shinu Sabu- “A program for the destruction of meaning: Identity, the body and Trans Narratives”

Matthijs,Krul..”A program for the destruction of meaning:P Identity, the body and Trans Narratives.30 September 2013

Argument: What is a gender identity?
Sub argument: Identity is indispensable to equality between men and women

Identification is born of violence. It is our bodies that are targeted by its violence and it is the same violence that has given to our understanding of ourselves. The theorist Judith Butler, eliminates the achial and potential value of identification in her dispatch to fight a violence which is part and parcel of culture itself. Primary identities such as gender are impossible to break their own terms. The are deeply rooted in physicality. Gender is no longing a unifying class of signs “women and man”. These differentiation have become merely individuals among many and cannot make a meaning. Researchers such as Anne Fausto- sterling have made4 intersex conditions out to be sexes in their own right. The important
part to be noted that she locates them in a continuum between ‘female and male’ poles rather than outside them. And also the inter sexed people inflamed in any case to identify themselves as women and men. The other theorist like Deluere and Guattai says that binary sex is fundamental.

Particularly postmodernist queer and gender theorist in order to appropriate cross cultural understandings experience of gender to reinforce their own political view point. Trans nrratives are attributed as physical sex and an existence of A GENDER BINARY more or less continuous from it. The term transgender is now frequently preferred as description to trans sexual. The queer individualizing program is naturally and directly showing to the narratives or trans people predicted as they are on the normative of continuity between physicality and identity. The bringing back to original state of that continuity in that instances in which it has been busted.


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