Meghana Ravichandran -Media Hegemony: A Failure of Perspective by David.L.Altheide

Altheide, David L. “Media Hegemony: A Failure of Perspective.” American Association for Public Opinion Research 48.2 (1984): 476-90. JSTOR. Web. 16 Jun. 2016

Antonio Gramsci (1971) had defined media Hegemony, the keyword of operation as ‘the dominance of a certain way of life and thought and to the way in which the dominant concept of reality is diffused throughout public as well as private dimensions of social life’
What doesn’t surprise me is that this paper specifically deals with how much thought and perspective dominance there was in the so called ‘1st world countries’ in the 1980’s itself, where prompts of thought direction were given by the news channels, much like how we lap up the dramatized versions on our national news channels.
When the Author says that ‘Hegemony replaces culture as a context for locating human experience’, what he seems to be saying is that more often than not in societies which have rigid systems of governance, the norm of the culture itself becomes an ideology of the Centre, wherein the culture has to be delved into and ‘unmasked in order to know a repressed dimension of social life’
Another aspect this article talks of is Information Imperialism, where 1st world or developed nations keep reiterating rather negative constructs of the developing and rather under-developed nations. What happens here is that a logic of ‘untrue intellectual dominance’ gets stratified making all those albeit such 1st world countries to be the wielders of so called hierarchal power and prestige.
Though this paper brought out more on mass rather than social media, the point that seemed to mark the importance of the need for social media was what interested me because Social media, as its name itself suggests is a way in which multiple supressed voices, which otherwise go unheard, are given a fighting chance to speak their mind.


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