Ashvarya Sinha: MOOC 1st Week- I’m A writer!


I met my friend after 12 years. We were sitting by the swing (at probably One in the morning). In those silences, she stood there smoking a cigarette while I wrote about how we spent the entire day. Writing has always been very personal to me. I once wrote an article on ‘Acceptance of Death’. It was centered around examining the stages propounded by Kubler Ross. It was probably the first time when I actually thought about the whole process of writing and rewriting. Presently I am comfortable writing poetry. Less is more, therefore I believe that it is easy for me to think and make my thoughts more coherent, probably in my own head. Writing is systematic. It helps in organizing thoughts and giving myself a little more clarity.

Music has been a major influence in shaping my thoughts while writing. Listening to MLTR, Janis Joplin, Jack Johnson, Bon Iver or British Rock bands like Coldplay have always drawn me to the lyrics. As a child, I would read the diary maintained by my sister. In this diary she had penned down the lyrics of songs she used to listen to. Back then there were no cellular devices or the concept of Google to help her find the lyrics. While pursuing under-graduation, poems by Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson fascinated me. I found reading poetry more engaging than reading a Novella. That is how I felt about writing poetry as well. As I have mentioned earlier, writing is a personal and a self-reflective process for me. It is my friend. It accompanies me while I do nothing, feel sad, ecstatic or angry. It is probably something I’m still figuring out – that is the writer in me.




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