Fatema: MOOC week 1

Hello! The first time I recognized myself as a writer was in grade 8. I had to write a short book review of Great Expectations by Dickens and I wrote it at the last moment (just an hour before school). It led to my teacher calling it the second best review in class, which was the first time my writing had been acknowledged by someone else. I remember feeling extremely encouraged and from there on I have written with an undying enthusiasm every school essay I was assigned.

Later in college, I started writing poetry (mostly on love as you could have guessed). I realized that I could be so free, so much of myself in writing that it almost became therapeutic to write. I kept writing for my college magazine and also did numerous internships at magazines that dealt with youth, design, travel and culture.

Now, in the final year of my Masters in Literature, I have written more essays/poems/articles/short stories etc. than I can remember and hopefully many more are to come.m


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