Nidhi Chadha- I am a Writer

Hi All,

As a little kid I always loved writing long letters to my grandfather narrating him my entire week’s schedule. He’d always write to me asking me to send to him the minute details possible. This habit got me to describe things clearly while I wrote to him. My early childhood memories also remind me of writing letters to my brother on Raksha- Bandhan (an Indian festival where the sister ties a thread of protection to her brother which saves him from all evil forces). I’d write to him how I missed being with him on such an auspicious day and that may he always be happy and successful.

I wouldn’t call myself an intense writer as I don’t write that often. Except writing academically I haven’t given creative writing a try. I remember writing poems for my school magazines which were often guided by my mother. I somehow never thought I could be creative enough to write any piece, rather I also feel I don’t have the courage to show people what I write. I think when it comes to writing academically I feel much more confident in writing, may be because it is guided writing. At college level I have worked on a couple of research articles and written research papers, this has helped boost my confidence in writing.

My initial experience as an academic writer wasn’t a smooth sail either. I wrote in a non-linear fashion with my thoughts all over the place. Also, I wasn’t techno savvy so the old school method of penning down my thoughts on paper was the only way I could write. Eventually I started typing and tried to write in a linear fashion. I am still in the process of learning a lot of things. I hope to not limit myself to academic writing and hopefully in the near future see myself as a confident, creative writer.


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