Aishwarya Falke-I am a Writer …

To think about being a writer, sets back on a lane of memories back into the past. To me a writer is someone who can first and foremost pen down his thoughts, it need not be a perfect piece of art, but maybe just how someone paved his way to write down about things around him. To call myself a writer then might have been the primary section essays, where describing the favorite rose was rewarded.

My earliest memory to write something down was there was this write bee competition in the 3rd grade. I loved reciting poems, but never had written down anything except the small ten lines essays in the English exam. We were given a set of twenty key words and told to form a story out it. I just formed a mere story of a duck, and a happy moment though.

Eventually writing grew as promoted to higher classes, during the high school the best of my papers were always English, they were a fun to write. Essays, stories, letter writings etc. each gave a new imagination in a different way.

Writing then was divided into types of writings, as entered the grad class. It was report writings, perspective writing, argumentative writing and autobiographical writing and so on…I preferred the perspective type of writing. During the grad class I have interned at a newspaper. There I had to do report writings, interview writings and also writing on a particular issue with our own perspective. There is this magazine I at times write as a freelancer, sometimes poems or just some articles with a personal lookout to things.

Writing has been going on since then, recently I write as a blog writer for a travel website called Checkintsory. Writing is something I personally like and would love to make a career out of it.



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