Prerna: MOOC: Assignment 1 (Week 1): I am a Writer ( Tell Your Story)

Hello everyone, Prerna here. To me, writing is a highly personal exercise and it entails engaging with one’s self and the kind of myriad experiences one has had in life. I would like to believe that I started ‘writing’ as such when I was in the eighth grade and wrote a poem which I published on Luckily, it won me the Editor’s Choice Award, which I’ve laminated and kept somewhere; and that was a huge motivation for me. When I look back, the early years of my writing mostly included poetry, the usual teenage heartbreak chronicles. However, as I moved on to high school, college and finally as I now pursue my Master’s degree, I realise that my interest lies in engaging with memories. Most of my work ( prose and poetry) deals with memories and how people make sense of them.

As far as academic writing is concerned, I am proud of this working paper I wrote for my first year of Master’s class entitled: “Notions of Fate in Marquez’s Chronicles of a Death Foretold”.  Although it didn’t fetch me great marks, I did like working on that particular research area and reading up about Magic Realism.

I remember having a blog for most of my undergraduate life, but as of now I have discontinued it and prefer maintaining a diary. This is because a blog or a website demands a certain kind of continuity which I am not very comfortable with. For me writing is a painstakingly time-consuming process, I cannot just vomit out prose or poetry as and when instructed to and I think that’s what makes it more beautiful, the fact that someone has taken the time to gently craft a poem or prose. Although you can choose not to agree with me here, but then again, to each his own.


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