Infanta- I am a Writer

Assignment I

My first memory of writing something was a paragraph on “Myself” for my English Composition class in my first standard. I gradually learnt how to write through various writing exercises like hints development, paragraph writing, essay writing, letter writing and telegraph writing, which were graded in different difficulty levels in accordance with my standard at secondary school. After my higher secondary, I chose to pursue Bachelor of Arts in English. I had to write a lot in my under graduation. Initially I summarized poems and essays which then turned into appreciating or criticizing a work of art. In my third year I started writing analysis of essays and books. Later I enrolled for MA in English with Communication Studies in the year 2015. In the first semester of my post graduation course I was introduced to research. I started writing annotated bibliography for newspaper, magazine and journal articles. I was asked to submit a working research paper by the end of the first semester. This is my biggest writing experience till date. I learnt many aspects of academic writing through this course. In the month of April, I joined “The Hindu”, an English- language Indian daily newspaper for a 30- day internship. During that internship period I wrote around twenty articles for the city edition newspaper. My first article was edited a lot before publishing because I lacked the formal way of writing news which is quintessential in hard news writing. After three articles, I learnt from my mistakes and I gradually started to get the formal writing style. I was really happy with my last few articles which got into very little editing before publishing.  Apart from the journalistic aspects of learning, I realized my way of writing and improved on it during the internship period.


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