Silpa Joy: I am a writer

Writing, for me was an escape from my feelings, emotions and thoughts which I never wanted to share infront of others and I found paper to be my best listener. I cherish the childhood memory of having a secret diary in which I wrote my small secrets, anxieties, happy and sad moments etc. It was a great relief then and it became a kind of my ‘mini heart’. Writing letters to God was one of my favourite hobbies. Also, I remember my teacher appreciating me for a poem which he found in my book. Now when I look back, I am so happy that many of my poems got published in the school magazines, but at the same I regret for being too lazy to sharpen my skills in writing after my school. My childhood memories of writing are very much linked to the small glass bowls which I used to get as prize for the various writing competitions conducted in our parish.

The best memory of being a writer ever is, when I was elected as the student editor of my college magazine. It was then I felt writing to be a gift and a privilege. Even today when I go through my editorial note, I feel proud of myself. Being an editor was a life changing experience for me. That was a time when many realizations struck me. To be a writer you ought to surrender your life to quite a good amount of reading and also thinking. Writing two research papers was also an unforgettable memory. Writing something which you really wants to write is always pleasurable whether it is a research paper or a story. And there are times when writing becomes the most difficult job for me. I will have everything in my head but nothing will come out as words.




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