Anna- Lady Macbeth Ruler of Her Man

Patwaloo, lady macbeth ruler of her man,Web,19 May 2015, Print.
This article portrays Lady Macbeth as a prime example of a women seeking power. Lady Macbeth’s portrayal begins with the powerful elements of her ambitious and successful plotting of Duncan’s demise, effective rhetorical manipulation of her husband to “be a man” and take action, and her position-potentially as Macbeth’s equal in their relationship, his desired “dear partner of greatness.”She was working to get that power through the source of masculinity she had, which was her husband Macbeth. Macbeth fell for his wife’s words. Even though she is the master mind of this entire plan we cannot blame her completely. But that does not make her more responsible for the murder of Kind Duncan either. She craved for more power than Macbeth in terms of power. She was bold and all that she cared about was getting what she wanted. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she uses her husband to feel that euphoria of masculinity and power. She even says that if she were in that situation while feeding a baby, even if the baby was smiling at her she would bang its brains out, this statement shows how stubborn she is to reach her goals, she is ambitious and evil at the same time. Lady Macbeth is attempting to seize a masculine power to further her husband’s political goals. All that she saw was the end result which was gaining power. It was Lady Macbeth and the witches that compelled Macbeth to commit the murder. They kept on filling his head and making him feel inferior. It seemed as if Lady Macbeth was trying to play on the masculinity of Macbeth by questioning his. When speaking about Lady Macbeth and the witches; they knew exactly how and what to say in order to gain power. Lady Macbeth and the witches did win over his mind by questioning about his manliness and by compelling him to do the murder in order to gain power. Eventually he felt as if he had no choice but to murder King Duncan in order to please his woman and prove his masculinity. Lady Macbeth is more evil here in that sense since she is the one who is playing with Macbeth’s mind. She is very manipulative and got her husband to do it for her. The mind games she plays and the fact that she is not willing to commit the actual sin makes her more evil. She would rather have her husband do it, because she felt like the king looked like her father sleeping. She is portraying her husband as a heartless murderer when it was her who manipulated him into actually murdering the king. Although she is more evil, Macbeth is more responsible since he did the murder in the end.


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