Miruthulavarshini. P – Incidental learning in the mentally retarded: A Review.

Hardman, Michael L. “Incidental learning in the mentally retarded: A Review”. Education and Training of the Mentally Retarded 10.1 (1975): n.pag. Web. 23 June 2016.

This research aims to make the retarded children learn incidentally. Since they are not comfortable with all the environments. By introducing various tasks he makes the retarded children learn incidentally. A child learning incidentally outside the classroom depends on its capacity. He found that retarded children show poor performance when compared to the normal children because they are poorer in incidental learning. There are a lot of difference in child’s performance in a classroom situation and incidental learning situation. The high motivational level motivates the retarded children thus they perform well in the classroom. Goldstein and Kass researched and found that retarded children are equally performing well compared to normal children. But they fail in their accuracy level when the task is complex. They also say that when the task is more complex the short term memory loss is more evident in them. He also experimented this with four children, two retarded and two normal children. After many tasks, he found that retarded children lack in accuracy and older retarded child perform well than the younger child. So, at last, he says that a special teacher can make changes in a retarded child to learn incidentally. The teacher should be aware of new methods and techniques to improve the opportunity to learn incidentally. The learner will learn rapidly if the learner is familiar with the learning materials. The teacher should give effective classroom activities. They could introduce more games rather than the traditional method of learning because the games method will improve their incidental learning. They can also use audio-visual methods to improve the incidental learning. They can teach things through the audio-visual method so the retarded children will learn easily. The author says that the special educator teacher should experiment with these methods and techniques to teach them hence it will improve their incidental learning. If the retarded children learn incidental learning then they are aware of another process of learning which elevates them.


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