Parvathy K_Refreshing a Writing Course

Macalister, John. (2011). Refreshing a Writing Course. Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design, 114-125.

The chapter focuses on understanding evaluation of curriculum and its importance for a writing course. The chapter first talks about need analysis for developing a curriculum, which should figure out lacks, assess the wants and necessities. The next step is application of principles, where the curriculum needs to focus on giving varied opportunities to write and ample feedback from both instructors and peers. The goal of the curriculum should be to provide input, practice coupled with feedback and reflection. The importance of peer feedback is also mentioned where the system benefits both the reviewer and the writer.

This chapter helps me analyze the writing curriculums that are present in schools to see how and where the importance of topic can be placed with respect to improving writing skills. However a limitation is that this chapter is based on second language learners who are much older. Therefore for my research which intends to study the effect of topic on writing skills, this chapter will not be a well tailored method. However, the idea can be tweaked to be introduced in the research.


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