Riya- Subaltern Studies: A New Trend in Writing History

Sahoo, Abhijit. Subaltern Studies: A New Trend in Writing History. Odisha Review. Nov 2014. 82-7. http://odisha.gov.in/e-magazine/Orissareview/2014/Nov/engpdf/82-87.pdf. web.


‘Subaltern Studies: A new trend in writing history’ deals with the new perspective through which history is viewed and defines subaltern history as the “history from below”. “History is the recorded struggle of people for ever increasing freedom and for newer higher realisation of the human process” (81).  ‘Subaltern studies’ is a new trend of writing history. The article provides an extensive explanation for subaltern studies and points out its characteristics in relation to rewriting history. This provides a platform for the research since the paper will be focusing on reading the history of Mughal Rule from a subaltern perspective, mostly focusing on ShahJahan.

Later the articles goes on to discuss the importance of subaltern studies in India and mentions the contribution of Dr. Ranjeet Guha in the field of subaltern studies. “Guha tried to write history of subaltern from the subaltern perspective … to notice the kind of role that the majority of the population … played in directing the course of history”(83). The research deals with the Indian history around ShahJahan and the subaltern reading of the history. Guha’s writings on Subaltern in Indian context could provide a better understanding on how to deal with the subaltern reading of Indian history.  Sahoo concluded the article by detailing on the criticism and response to subaltern studies.


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