Yashasvi:Understanding of Indian consciousness in Sudha Murthy’s Mahasweta

The novel Mahasweta by Sudha Murthy sketches out the Indian consciousness foregrounded from the Indian life and Indian culture. Her novels surrender to the reflection of the Indian consciousness that has been presented through different situations in most of her works. It is a significant and comprehensive attempts to explore the Indian consciousness constructed in Sudha Murthy’s Mahasweta.

Sudha Murthy focuses on gender centric approach as a mechanism to expose the humiliation of humility is helpful to expand the frontiers of human thought. The researcher had also focused on the voices of female with the canons of socio religious socio economic and socio psychological dimensions of feminine oriented practices. As she focuses on feminism the novel Mahasweta unbolts a chance for an analysis using Indian consciousness in relation to the feminism issue. The comprehensive study of the novel in English has helped to explore the new dimension of Indian literature in the postcolonial argument.

The researcher will analysis the novel tries to deconstruct the themes and tries to trace and analyses the various contradictions. Sudha Murthy has attributed the superior and courageous manner to the protagonist character in the novel Mahasweta. Educated and independent women like Anupama the protagonist from a poor family background are dominated by the rules and regulations in the rich in laws house. The theme according to the author of the paper can be stated as the opposition between reality and /or idealism and dissent of reality. (S.D Kiran Sasi)

According to the author, Sudha Murthy tries to reveal the tension existing between the truth and dishonesty. The novel also focuses on lot of binary oppositions such as rich/poor, man/woman, truth/dishonesty. The novel has focused on lot of emotional trauma.

The writer of this particular article has focused on different theories such as feminism, gender centric, postcolonial. As being the researcher for the same novel as the primary text this particular article has helped as a guideline for further research using some of these theories as a prime concern.

Since the researcher is trying to focus mainly the postcolonial theory this particular mentions the theory in very gist, the unexplained theory remains as a limitation, but has provided an idea for further research in this particular field.

“Contextualizing Indian Consciousness in Sudha Murthy’s Mahasweta”; D.S Kiran Sasi;

Trans Stellar International Journal of English and Literature; ISSN 2249-6912; Vol.3,

Issue 1, Mar 2013,153-156; Web.



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