Caroline: Victor Turner, Sigmund Freud and the return of the Repressed

Oring, Elliot. “Victor Turner, Sigmund Freud and the Return of the Repressed,” Ethos 21.3 (Sep. 1993): pp.273-294. Web. 23 June 2016.


This article talks about how Victor Turner was influenced by Freud’s style which made him understand the Ndembu ritual symbolism better. In his article “Encounter with Freud: The Making of a Comparative Symobolist” he mentions about Freud’s style when it comes to analysis and interpretation of ritual symbols.

In his article Turner dismisses Freud’s psychoanalytical claim that ritual symbols have the “same properties as dream symbols.” Turner is known for his contribution in the hermeneutics to the field of anthropological discourse of symbols. This can be clearly seen in his “Symbols in African Rituals where he decodes how ritual symbols hold certain meanings within them and the process of unveiling them. His interpretations of these rituals also claim that these ritual symbols are multi-layered and do not hold just one meaning.

Freud is specially known for his sexual symbols while interpreting dreams but one needs to note that these symbols take up minimum space in his work. He wrote a lot more on various other symbols that did not grab attention as much as the sexual ones did.



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