Ganga: Continuation Gender and Household Economics. Reversed Realities.

Kabeer, Naila. “Benevolent Dictators, Maternal Altruists and Patriarchal Contracts: Gender and Household Economics”. Reversed Realities. Pauls Press. New Delhi. 1995. 95- 115. Print.

Reversed Realities: Gender Hierarchies in Development Thought

Naila Kabeer

(Continuation of the previous post…)

In the next portion of the chapter, Kabeer talks about the Beckerian model of a household, where every individual member is treated as disembodied units of labour, differentiated only productivity-related characteristics. And she gives examples of how responsibilities of the children and duties within the four walls of the house are delegated to the female members, and anything that links the household to the society is the male’s responsibility. This bring us to the ink with my research. When labour is delegated by default, the children understand this to be the way of the world. In their head, the female members all over the world have to be responsible for the matters inside the household.

Futhermore, Kabeer talks about Decision-making power in the household. Here, she talks about the women and children as the less powerful in the household. In this case she explains, decision-making happens in the general interest of the household, where the less powerful give up their preferences for the dominants'(male members) interests.

In this chapter of the book, Kabeer validates household economics and realities in the South Asian scenario, and to be specific the middle-class households of the South Asian regions. This is why certain ideas may negate the existence of equality in the household.


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