Jeema- Drama in Indian Writing in English

Velmani, N.. “Drama in Indian Writing in English: Tradition and Modernity”. Language in India: 13.6 (June 2013). 1-7. Web.

Indian Theatre has a long history. Natyashastra had played a major role in ancient Indian English Drama. Even the modern theatre, performing arts and movies applies the aesthetics of Natyashastra. Our Indian society shaped on the basis of that. The true theatre is the Theatre of Mind. Greek Theatre has started as ritual workshop of Dinoysius, while Indian Theatre kept alive Therukoothu, Yakshagana, Koodiyattam etc.. The impact of British contact is vital in the field of Indian Theatre. When British people has started to show their plays in India, then only the Parsis in India realized it as a profitable field which paved the way to the drama companies and all. Until the nineteenth century, the people had not to pay to watch plays. When the law, health and all such systems came to be based upon Western tradition, after colonialism Indian theatre also was influenced by Western tradition.

India considers Natyashastra as the Bible of Arts. In the modern era also we can see its impact but the influence of Westerners is also imperative. From this part we can trace the tradition of modern Indian drama which is borrowed its essentials from folk arts as well as western tradition.


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