Ganga_Gender Studies_Exploring Gender Identity in Early Childhood through Story Dictation and Dramatization

Exploring Gender Identity in Early Childhood through Story Dictation and Dramatization

                                                                    Jeff Daitsman

The role of a teacher in breaking social constructs of gender identity through research, un-gendered games and stories and interaction.

This article is more or  less of a collection of the experience, the author encountered during the research. Daitsman speaks about how children categorize the world around them. He speaks about how children around the age of two adhere to gender stereotyping. Daaitsman refers to Chouchenour and Chrisman, who state, “When boys or girls are overly concerned about gender-specific behavioural expectations, they may be unwilling to consider befriending a child of the opposite sex”. This is moves to the child grasping stereotypical behavioral patterns.  The author notes that playing together makes the girls livelier and the boys more agreeable. Through games and activities, he notices that a child’s full potential cannot be tapped by giving them separate “boys” and “girls” games. This validates the social constructivist concept that says, “Children are capable of doing much more in collective activity”.

The medium of storytelling is a powerful vehicle to explore preconceived notions of gender. The research mentioned in this article showed that gender differentiation in stories in stories is not necessarily correlated with age but rather with experience. The research article elaborates on how the impact of television and movies extend far beyond the screen leaving behind images that influenced the children’s story telling in a gendered fashion.


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