yashasvi: Feminism and Modern Indian Literature

The article takes a glimpse into the evolution of feminist sensibilities in modern Indian Literature, examining literature in Indian English and major Indian languages for the trending perspective and the shifts in perspectives. Mr.Gupta talks about the feminist approach which is women centered approach which assumes the centrality of woman and seeks to project and interpret experience from the viewpoint of a feminine consciousness and a feminine sensibility.

For convenience, Mr.Gupta broadly divides literary feminism into creative feminism and critical feminism where in Indian literature is mostly confined to creative feminism. He then goes on to observe the growth of feminism in modern Indian literature. He also gives examples from various Indian languages such as Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi etc. In spite of all the limitations, development of feminism in Modern Indian Literature has brought about an insistent exploration of the role and status of women in our society.

The researcher is focusing on the aspect of Indian literature and how the modern Indian literature writers portray women in their works. No matter which part of India women belongs to but the problems remains same throughout. Therefore the researcher wants to see what can make women to overcome these problems and face to patriarchal society with heads held high.

R.K Gupta, Feminism and Modern Indian Literature, Sahithya Academy,Vol. 36, No. 5 (157), pp. 179-189, 1993,Web.


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