Parvathy K_ELT_Tackling Lower Ability Students’ Writing

Clarke, J., Dale, J., Marsden, P., Davies, P., & Durbin, C. (2003). Tackling lower ability students’ writing skills. Teaching Geography, 28(2), 56-59. Retrieved from

The article outlines various ways in which writing skills can be improved. The first way to not overcrowd the essay, but help the student figure out relevant and to-the-topic points which can then further be explained if needed. Another way it works is by Scaffolding approach, in which the students are provided help (in terms of phrases or words) in the beginning and the help will be reduced over a period of 2 – 3 months.

The article also shows the result of this being implemented in a school in England. However the limitation of this is that the prerequisites of this article is that the students be able to grasp ideas and topics and write. However the lower ability students, in most cases need not have a grasp on language that is expected here.

The article provides another possibility in my research in terms of understanding the effect that Scaffolding has on writing skills. And the researcher can correlate the effects Scaffolding will have to topic.


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